Falling for Guns#8
The plush brown MD seat was vacant…no one in the cabin.

The admin turned towards the door from which we had just entered. Few seconds…I wondered who is it…

That guy…from the train…entered the cabin. Dressed in his black suit …like the very first day.

I almost gasped…tempting looks but not a good heart…reminded myself.
He fluidly walked past me and I blushed for a flash second. This is a defect I constantly succumb to.

“Ms. Graves….” my name sounded so sweet….why is he being so sweet today…after what happened on the yacht.

I stepped forward..enraged, pointing at him..but with his surprised expression my words lost…recovering, I managed “I dont need to talk to you….Mr….whatever your name is”.

“Devin…Devin White…” he was being surprisingly sweet and formal…is this the same person I met yesterday.

“Mr. White…I don’t think you are the guy I very much wanna work for so the retrenchment is absolutely justified…” I turned to the admin…his look was of a shock…maybe with my reaction.

“I have no complains Stark…I guess I would leave now”.

“Ms. Grave…I am not done here…you are not retrenched. If that is the information my staff gave you…there is a fault”.

I stopped in my way to door…turned around slowly…failing to comprehend what’s coming towards me….

His hand on the armrest of the managing director’s chair…he strokes the chair to swivel it towards my direction. “You have been promoted”.

Staring at the chair for few seconds…then at the guy…I was still blank.

He had a sort of mix look. Devilish…or a friendly smirk…donno.

“Stark…Ms. Grave is the new managing director of this company”

Find the image here.

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