Falling for Guns #7

Lost my job…retrenched, Fistung Corp. taken over by Devin International. This is the only update I got from the admin.

“I was supposed to be promoted…”, before I could end my sentence the bell rang.
“Pardon…I’ll be back in a minute”.
Here I am sitting in the waiting lounge, in the very enterprise I had been working my ass off for last five years…just to get that post…and when I was supposed to be there, this happens. I need to talk…ask the reason why I am the only one retrenched when all employees got adopted. I could see all my dreams shattered…I never planned this…this leaves in the middle of nowhere.

The admin enters the lounge, looking unsettled he runs his hand through his gray hair. “The M.D. wants to see you…please will you..?”

I follow the old man, he is nothing of his age…I had always liked him and now I wonder if he has convinced the new M.D. to consider my case…well I hope so cause I am blank right now.

Find the previous parts at Falling for Guns.


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