A Conspiring Mind is an Inspiring Story

I don’t want you to agree…but this is what I believe. Conspiring minds…we all have those.

Human mind conspires…each one that’s functional on this planet does. But what is intriguing is now what am gonna say. Each human mind conspires…against itself…yes…against itself.

These minds I tell you…are never at peace…peace is the last thing they can be at. All those negative thoughts…the ones that drive us away from the best things in our lives and instill fear from being what we are capable of being…they all are credited to those conspiring minds.

But then thats the food for your creativity…atleast for me it is. That conspiracy is exactly what my creative part craves. Those twists in your stories…those critical expressions, those ends that don’t look like ends, and those which look like but are not ends, those words of different meanings(at times, to you they are something else and to me they were meant to be completely something different), those mindless musings that breed fiction, those self incriminating stories…all come from this conspiring mind.

A mind that conspires all the time is the one that inspires your pen. Thats all said in one line then…I shouldn’t have written this much…need I? The title says it all…A CONSPIRING MIND IS AN INSPIRING STORY.

Find the image here.


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