Frozen Thoughts

“Hey Marley…what are you upto?”

“Nothing darling…just freezing the moments…”

“Ya….sure…you think this is a right time for a snap?” [Growl]

“Ya why not? say cheese…”

“Hey Marley…what are you upto?”

“Nothing maa’m…just…”

“I don’t pay you to daydream…” [Growl]

“I was….ju..just thinking about Andy…”

“Your dead husband…? You really think this is a good time for a flash back? Get back to work.”

“Sorry maa’m”

Marley gets up…rubbing her wrinkled hands and gets into the kitchen. She’s just living for the sake of it. Her face is dull…pale and wrinkled…how else would a 69 year old look?

Andy her husband died 5 years ago. She loved him…he did too…atleast she believes. And daily she goes through those snapshots of her past…those that she took with that little old camera…and more importantly the ones she never got a chance to capture. Those are her lifeline… those frozen frames….those FROZEN THOUGHTS.

Find the image here.


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