Falling for Guns#4

“Faith…faith…tell me…”

“Tell you what Elly…tell you what…?” [frown]

Elly runs after me into my room and closes the door behind her…as if I was to run away.

“Tell me please…where have you been…?” she pleaded. I could see tears dwelling in her eyes. Elly is the best person I’ve encountered yet in my life.

“I don’t know…I just told you…” I said shaking my head.

“See Faith…you cant dodge this…you were not home for a week. I have reported the cops. Tell me what happened to you…I need to know this.”

“Elly…I…I really don’t know…trust me. I was just going to office and something…some blast in the train….and that lab. I don’t know whether all I saw was true or hallucination. I really have no answers…trust me.”

She kept staring at me…waiting for more to come. But I have no more. This was all I have and all I….remember….more importantly.

“What will we tell the cops then?”

“..mmmm?” I looked at her…and she stood up walking towards the kitchen. I followed her.

“I have called them here…to tell them that you are back.” she paused.

“And to report…what happened. You have to tell them something…I prefer truth.”

I stand in her way to the refrigerator with my arms crossed. “Look Elly…if I say to you that I have nothing to tell to you. It means I do not have anything…for anyone….on this planet.” With this I march back to my room and shut the door loudly. Jumping on the bed…I cry as if its my fault. Something comes back…

“hey…its his fault…that guy…” I sit up. Elly knocks the door.

“Faith the cops are here…come out and tell’ em.”

Find the image here.

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