Guys here’s an excerpt from FALLING FOR GUNS. This would come somewhat later but I though of sharing the scene today. Just like I said, I will keep feeding you bits in between…and the story will continue like it is.(Wynk)


“Where else would I go?” said Faith. “It’s just you now…”

That desperation was clear to me. I knew she is right, its just me now.

But I cant let her be with me…”Don’t you see what I am…? Go away…” I said.

I dint look her in the eyes, just walked off. I knew she would be there…still.

I don’t know what she’ll think. But she cant be with me, I don’t deserve her…

She is naive, vulnerable…more importantly…in danger with me.

Better she goes back to her hometown now.

I look at my cell…no calls…

I guess she will understand. [Sigh]

Back to being myself, back to the loneliness, back in my SHIELD.

Find the image here.


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