“Get up Faith…you’re getting late!”

I blink once to see the clock, then turn around…”five minutes more Elly…”

“No, get up…its a big day for you. You’re getting promoted today…remember?”

Elly is my room mate. But more like an elder sis…she handles all…even me.

I turn to my back and gather some will to step out of the bed…the sleep.

I guess I’m the most sleep deprived person on this planet. It is indeed a big day for me, I’ve been waiting for four years to get elevated. I need to be on time…atleast today if not otherwise…I guess thats why Elly is so after me today.

“Bye Elly….see you at Lam’s resto at 7…”

I take the train to my office everyday, and at this time of the day its always deserted.

6 in the morning, half an hour ahead of my schedule. I sit placing my card in the wallet thinking I could have had those five min’s sleep…damn Elly {frown}.

The door opens at the third station, and an utterly well dressed guy in black enters.

See…I always am very bad at this…he caught me staring at him… “not to stare…not to stare” I murmur to myself…

He looks at me again, his eyes fixed…fixed at something outside. Some more men all dressed in white enter, and the guy stands with his hands up……..

“Ouch…” I wake up…a nurse just injected me with something. Am still in the lab…I shout…




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