So guys, here’s the first part. As promised, starting from today, every weekend, I would post a small part from an even smaller tale. Lets see when this small tale ends…hope you can manage with small bites, cause thats what am gonna feed you with. Maybe we can cook up some leaks sometime midweek. But then whats the hurry, as I said its a short tale as it is…(wynk). 


Scared, flushed, covered in sweat I jolt up, trying to gather my senses….

What is this place? What am I doing here?

My head is still reeling with the dream, trying to take in the visuals.

Is this a lab?

I see people wearing lab suits, protection masks, covered from top to bottom in pale white protective material. About ten feet away, two handling a container filled with green liquid. The danger sign on the container is intimidating, what could be in this be?

That brings attention to myself, am sitting in a glass enclosure, two tubes attached on its both sides. Made of hard glass this seems to be a laboratory container for animals or I don’t wanna guess what.

Why am I here and how?

Enraged, the confusion is making me dizzy again. I need to go back to a situation where I was more in control and aware of myself…a recall. But my head is sore, dizzier….


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