Dreaming the life

Dreaming the life. A beautiful post by Ricardo Medeiro Elisiário. Few lines that come to my mind after reading his post:

Reticences don’t make me what I am…

He does, his silence and his love does.

My smiles are not without you…

They spread, spread to reach out to you.

I live and smile in the bask of your love…

How can you be apart, apart when I have you here.

This silence between us, is precious…

The only thing we now share.

It wont end us, it will be the calling…

A calling to the memoirs, in our eyes…

Our eyes, together, DREAMING THE LIFE.

Quoting some beautiful lines from the original post “Dreaming of Life” at Lets talk about the L word:

“How come is it so punishing to watch her, thriving, without me; but at the same time, how can it leave me so satisfied, to see her smiling, without me?….Silence always marks the beginning and the culmination, as well as the closure, of everything. Silence is pervasive. Look for it, and you’ll perceive how loudly it shouts sometimes….when you consciously observe the last remains of affection she once offered, and you took for granted, now withering as you silently spectate. You don’t know what to say.”

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