She danced…danced to the rain

She danced….danced away the pain

She danced….danced in every lane

She danced to the music of rain.

Guys this is what I was singing after reading dancer by The Girl who Wanders. This is the recommended read for today. Quoting:

“Her eyes were closed as her face turned up to the clouds, accepting the rain as a cleansing gift and beckoning it to continue to streak down her face, tracing the mounds of her cheeks and dripping from the round tip of her nose, traversing the swell of her lips to trickle down into her smile and wash onto her awaiting tongue….

People watched out their windows, unable to see the telltale cord of headphones or the a movement that would indicate she was singing. Deciding she was crazy, they closed the blinds. But she danced on to the beat of the rain.”


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