Senseless amidst all Sense!

How does it feel to be called ‘Senseless’ or ‘Nonsense’ to you?

Is it true that we can talk nonsense? how do you justify that?

Well that was what I was wondering when I told my friends that I don’t believe in god cause I don’t know him. They said you are talking nonsense!! Was I being stupid among a herd of wise beings or did my words make no sense to them, in which case I doubt their wisery as I found them plain and simple…

To me, god cant be believed in cause it (or him/her for all cases) cant be proved, what can be believed in is existence, of us, of other beings and of nature. The answer to who possesses the power above all these, should not be attempted or questioned for that matter. You cant define or rationalize a concept you never saw or experienced. Is God male or female, son of god or daughter, governing different forces of nature or all in one, angel or demon cannot be debated. We cannot alienate or include something into/from everything or everything into/from something. Can we?

The only way to truly experience something is to be neutral about it, and the best experiences are when you are surprised. So I prefer telling them…wait till you find your moment and you realize that there is no god but existence…its us,we and nature that will come to you again and again and no other form of being with supernatural powers can be defined unless seen.

So I remain senseless and always ready to gain sense from my experiences. You can call me Nonsense or whatever synonyms of that, but this just makes sense to me and not to you.

Hope I find more criticism to this as I would wanna know your concepts too.

Also I am working on a story as promised in my first post, first part of which should come soon. Hope you come back for the first of my short stories by the end of August. I have planned to give it to you guys in IV parts for now. Take Care…


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